Joakim Kocjancic


Hamngatan © Joakim Kocjancic

Hamngatan © Joakim Kocjancic

Joakim Kocjancic est né à Milan en 1975.

Il a suivi une formation d’artiste peintre à l’Académie des Beaux Arts à Florence puis à Carrare (Italie). Il se consacre pleinement à la photographie à partir de 2001. Il est fasciné par le langage abstrait qu’offre le noir et blanc ainsi que par le travail manuel en chambre noire, où il peut continuer à peindre mais avec la lumière.

Joakim Kocjancic recentre son travail sur la photographie de rue où il capte des fragments de realité qu’il assemble comme des pièces d’un puzzle où comme le ferait un réalisateur pour un film muet.

En 2005, Joakim Kocjancic complète sa formation par un diplôme de photojournalisme au London College of Communication. Entre 2001 et 2005, il vit et travaille à Dublin, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Antvers, Stockholm et Londres puis il revient en 2006 à Stockholm où il participle à plusieurs expositions jusqu’en septembre 2012 à la galerie Kontrast avec la série “Paradise Stockholm”. L’exposition voyage au FORMA de Milan en mai 2013.

Joakim Kocjancic est membre de l’agence Link Image depuis 2009. Il a été sélectionné deux fois au Festival International de la Photographie à Rome. Il a remporté le prix du meilleur photographe suédois noir&blanc en 2010. Il a aussi réalisé certains tirages argentiques pour Anders Petersen.

En 2014, il publie avec huit autres photographes, un magazine uniquement dédié au noir&blanc et à Stockholm : OON (Out of Necessity) Vol.1.

Le livre “Paradise Stockholm” est publié en septembre 2014 à Stockholm avec l’éditeurJournal. La meme année, Joakim Kocjancic reçoit un prix du Concile Suédois des Arts.

Il est aussi représenté depuis 2015 par l’agence photo Luz en Italie.En 2016, il publie à compte d'auteur avec neuf autres photographes le numéro 2 du magazine OON, conscré à la photographie "noir et blanc" et à la ville de Stockholm. Ce travail donne naissance à un livre ainsi qu'à une exposiition à la galerie RALF à Stockholm. 

Joakim Kocjancic s'installe avec sa famille au printemps 2016 dans un petit villaged eToscane où il travaille à son dernier projet "small realities".

En 2017, la serie Europea a remporté le prix du festival Photodays de Rovinj (Croatie).


Joakim Kocjancic is born in Milan 1975.

He started his artistic journey as a painter at the Academy of Fine Arts first in Florence and then in Carrara (Italy). By 2001 he is completely absorbed by photography. Fascinated by the graphic abstract language of black and white and by the manual process in the darkroom, where he can still paint but with light instead of colours. He is now focusing in taking street pictures: fragments of reality, which he composes together, like a puzzle or a film editor working on a silent movie.

In 2005 he completes his studies with a MA in photojournalism at LCC, London. 

Between 2001 and 2005 he lives and works in several European cities: Dublin, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Antwerp, Stockholm and London.

In 2006 he moves back to Stockholm. He has had various exhibitions in Stockholm since then, the last one at Gallery Kontrast with the series Paradise in September 2012. The exhibition was also shown at FORMA Milan in May 2013.  Since 2009, he's member of the photo agency Link Image. He has been twice selected at the International Photo Festival in Rome. Joakim won the prize for the best b/w Swedish photographer in 2010. He has also been doing analogue prints for Anders Petersen.  In 2014 he self publish together with 8 other photographers a magazine only about black/white photography and only about Stockholm: OON (Out of Necessity) Vol.1.

The book “Paradise Stockholm” was published in September 2014 in Stockholm together with Journal, his first monograph. In the same year he received a grant from the Swedish Arts Council Joakim is also represented since 2015 by the photo agency Luz in Italy.

Paradise Stockholm is shown at Intervalle Gallery from January to April 2015.

In November 2015 he had a residency at the Institut Suédois in Paris for a photo project, it became a handmade artist book: Paris Nov. 2015.
In 2016 he self published together with 9 photographers n2 of magazine OON, only about black and white and about or related to the city of Stockholm. Exhibition and book release at Galleri RALF in Stockholm.
During the spring 2016 he lives with his family in a small village in the north of Tuscany where he worked on a project about “small realities”: portraits and documenting the life of the people. Book and exhibition to come.
In 2017 the series Europea won the first prize in the category Documentary photography at the Photo Festival of Rovinj.

Paradise Stockholm

2018 March Exhibition at Galerie Intervalle with the series Europea.
2017 Nov. Printed a set of analogue prints from the series Café’ Lehmitz for Anders Petersen.
2017 May First prize in the category Documentary photography with the series Europea at the Photo Festival of Rovinj.
2017 April Exhibition of Stockholm paradise at the Leica Gallery in Bologna.
2016 May Group exhibition “Camera Auto Controle” at the Centre de la Photographie in Geneva.
2016 April. Launch of the new number of OON 2 at Galleri Ralf, Stockholm.
2016 March Paradise Stockholm at PHOTODOC Paris with Galerie Intervalle.
2016 Jan. Group exhibition at Galerie In-Between, Paris. Record vol.33
2015 Nov. Residency at the Swedish Institute in Paris.
2015 Sept. Selected at the Spine Bookdummy award in Stockholm with the dummy Light Transfer.
2015 April Member of the photo agency LUZ.
2015 Feb. Exhibition of Paradise Stockholm at Galerie Intervalle, Paris.
2014 Oct-Nov. Book launch + exhibition at Plac’Art  in Paris, Micamera in Milan and at Only Photography in Berlin.
2014 Oct. Grant from the Swedish Art Council.
2014 September. Book launch of Paradise Stockholm published by Journal at Stockholms Fotoantikvariat, Sweden.
2014 May. Second place in the category documentary at the Photo Festival in Rovinj, Croatia:
2014 March. Launch of the Photo Magazine OON, vol.1with nine different photographers documenting in their own personal way the city of Stockholm.
2014 Feb. Selected for event/publication on the theme: STREETS, Calgary Canada.
2014 Januari. Grant from the Royal Swedish House to publish Paradise in a book form.
2013 June. PARADISE magazine now at the Indiephotobooklibrary:
2013 May. Exhibition at FORMA, Milan (Italy) with the new project “PARADISE”.
Interview at:

2013 March. Paradise published on the web @
2013 Jan. Group exhibition at Galleria Belvedere “Prima Visione 2012”, Milan, Italy.
2012 Nov. Printed a mini serie of 4 photographs from the serie Soho of Anders Petersen for Gun Gallery at Paris Photo 2012.
2012. Nov. Directed and edited film music video for swedish song writer Vera Vinter:
2012 Sept. Solo exhibition at Galleri Kontrast, Stockholm with the new project ”PARADISE”.
2012 Sept.  Finalist at the Nordic Dummie Award organized by Forbundet Frie Fotografer, Oslo.
2012 Sept. MMA serie published on GUP Magazine online.
2012 Feb. Shortlisted for MONO Vol.1 (
2012 April. Exhibition at Tranans Bar with the serie MMA.
2012 March Paradise published on Le Journal de la Photographie:                                                     
2011 April. Exhibition ”MEDIOLANUM XXI” at Stockholms Foto Antikvariat with artist handmade book in an edition of 1/6.
2010 Dec. Winner of the competition Mästartavlan FOTO 2010 for black and white photography, Sweden.
2010 Nov. Honourable mention at the Viewbook Photostory contest with the series ”APUANE”.
2010 Oct.  ”APUANE” published on the new magazine IMAG of Link Image, Stockholm.
2010 Sept. Selected at the International Photo Festival of Rome in the category ”Unpublished” with the serie “europea”, curator Marc Prust.
2010 April-July Worked as personal printer for Anders Petersen.
2010 Feb. Workshop in Amsterdam with M. Ackerman.
2009 Sept. Exhibition ”PARADISE” at Double Elvis Gallery, Stockholm.
2009 March. Become member at the Photo agency Linkimage.
2008 March. Magnum workshop in Oslo with Paolo Pellegrin.
2006 Aug. ”RIVIERA” at Tourism Revolution, young European photography in Italy.
2006 April. Selected for the category New Photography at the Photo Festival in Rome, Italy.
2005 MA in photojournalism at the London College of Communication.
2002-1998 Studies painting and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Carrara, Italy.